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When looking for a proper, pharmaceutical grade detox, there are a few things you want to have. First, you need to have a practitioner lead you through the entire process. This includes day by day support to keep you on track during your detox. By purchasing the detox support, you will have 24/7 communication with a practitioner (Colby Wartman) for any questions or concerns that you may have. This helps you increase the chances of a successful detox and allows you to have the guidance needed to complete it!


***Supplements sold separately

Dynamic Detox Support

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  • Our Dynamic Detox is one of the more extensive detoxification programs around. When detoxing, it is highly important that you are guided from A-Z and given all the tools for success. This detox support allows you to have:

    -24/7 communication with your practitioner   

    -Email support to keep you on track

    -Paperwork, health history, and guidance included

    **Supplements sold separately

  • No return policy on detox support!

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